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Fire alarm design for you.

Where We Can Design Fire alarm Systems

Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, Galveston, Amarillo, and El paso.

Some states accept designs signed by Nicet level III designers. If your state accepts Nicet level III designers, we will design fire alarm systems for you. Call us and we will contact your AHJ to confirm.

Texas Fire Design can design for the entire state of Texas. Contact us to get your job started!

What Texas Fire Design does


We offer fire alarm companies the chance to get their start and continue growing their business without having the overhead of a designer in office during company downtime.

Texas Fire Design, we are offering our years of fire alarm design skills to the public. Our team has created the most fail-proof series of reviews and checks within just our designers to assure the highest quality of fire alarm design to meet all life safety codes with any AHJ in the state of Texas. To assure that we provide you with a thorough and correct fire alarm design for your work be sure to give us a strong description of the work to be performed, list of fire alarm parts, identify the AHJ and -provide us with current drawings of the building layout. We will help you meet the codes required to qualify your inspections with the fire marshal. You will find our fire alarm design prices are very competitive. We're fast, we're accurate, and we are right here in Houston

Our Work

For architects, contractors, engineers, and fire alarm companies, anyone. We are located in Houston and we design for anyone in Texas. Dallas, Asutin, San Antonio, Fort worth Houston and all surrounding areas. Like: Prosper,Klugerville, Richardson, Elgin, Driftwood, Rio Medina, Sunnyside, Conroe, Richmond. You name it.
For some states that require Nicet Certification instead of state license, call us and we will take every measure to verify if we can design for you too.


Office Space Buildout

None sprinklered office space buildout

Full initiating-Full notification

Large Buildout

Cinque Terre

Small office Buildout

Non Sprinklered


Automatic Detection


Zoomed in

Closer look of items

Visible Candela

Color coordinated conductors

Conductor labels



Fire Alarm Design Price Schedule.

What Texas Fire Design offers

Our design services are our products, along with our cutsheets and electrical specs (battery calculations and voltage drops). On disk or in binder and clear front folder to keep your prints professional and easy to read.

Who we design for

Our fire alarm design service is for anyone within the state of Texas. We design for many fire alarm companies. We design fire alarm systems for architecture groups. We design fire alarm systems for engineers and contractors that may just want something to bid from. We even design for building owners who just want something to compare to the plans they recieve.

Why chose Texas Fire Design?

Why would you chose Texas Fire Design? Because our service is to your specifications and local fire codes.
We provide you with drawings that meet fire codes and safety standards.
Our fire alarm design drawings are professional and easy to read.
Our fire alarm design drawings are prompt.
We are thoroughly trained fire alarm systems.
We are thoroughly vetted in fire alarm system design.

Contact Us


Swing by for a cup of coffee, or whatever.

Houston, US



Fire Alarm Designers in Texas


Texas Fire Design can design your fire alarm system faster than most design teams, at a lower cost than most design teams Our designs are uniform and clean with your logo to keep your drawings professional and best of all We guarantee our work (based on information you supply).
We are licensed and certified for fire alarm design. We will have your drawings back before deadline.

Let us take care of your fire alarm design needs.

Texas Fire Design

We are located in Houston area and are willing to submit your fire alarm drawings to local (to us) AHJ (authority having jurisdiction) plan reviews for you. We are familiar with plan reviewers around Dallas Fort Worth area, Austin Area, San Antonio area and Houston area.

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