Texas Fire Design

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Our design services are our products, along with our cutsheets and electrical specs (battery calculations and voltage drops). On disk or in binder and clear front folder to keep your prints professional and easy to read.

Who we design for

Our fire alarm design service is for anyone within the state of Texas. We design for many fire alarm companies. We design fire alarm systems for architecture groups. We design fire alarm systems for engineers and contractors that may just want something to bid from. We even design for building owners who just want something to compare to the plans they recieve.

Why chose Texas Fire Design?

Why would you chose Texas Fire Design? Because our service is to your specifications and local fire codes.
We provide you with drawings that meet fire codes and safety standards.
Our fire alarm design drawings are professional and easy to read.
Our fire alarm design drawings are prompt.
We are thouroughly trained fire alarm systems.
We are thouroughly vetted in fire alarm system design.

Wiring identified

Cabling will be labled as is used and sparated or drawn as filled conduit.

Candela and amperage

All notification devices are marked as the manufacture states their function This allows for correct voltage and battery priorities.