Fire Alarm Design in Houston Texas

Fire Alarm Design

Fire alarm design right here in Houston Texas.

Performed by experienced APS holders Nicet level III fire alarm certified design crew that has a platform for Layouts. Located in Houston TX.

Texas Fire Alarm Design Company

Code Requirements

Texas Fire Design performs necessary searches for all fire alarm design code requirements for the design and installation of the job. All related adopted codes in the jurisdiction that the fire alarm is to be installed. We have on hand the latest and past editions of IBC, IFC, NFPA 72, NFPA 70, and NFPA 101.

Bid Specifications

When contractor specifications are made available We can design to bid. We have on hand the CSI Master Format, AIA, and a combined 50+ years experience reading bid documents

AHJ Amendments

One of our first steps in our fire alarm design design process if finding which codes and editions are adopted by the ahj of the project and what's in their amendments we need to take special care of.

Texas Fire Design


Fire Alarm Design

We offer fire alarm companies the chance to get their start and continue growing their business without having the overhead of a designer in office during company downtime. The Texas Fire design planning and design group has on many occasions worked with architects and engineers to assure the fire alarm system meets the needs and requests of property owners, and contractors to meet needs and code requirements.

Fire alarm design from people in the industry who are familiar with the installation and permit process of the entire fire alarm system. Texas Fire Design is located just North of Houston, Texas.

Keeping design time and cost low while keeping accuracy and looks high.

Our fire alarm designers are NICET certified and State of Texas licensed planning your installation.

We follow: AHJ amendments, IBC/IFC , NFPA 72, NFPA 170, NFPA 70 (NEC). We double check with NFPA 1 (adopted by Texas Fire Marshals) and NFPA 101(also adopted by Texas Fire Marshals).

We can produce high volumes of designs for multiple fire alarm companies and keep all projects moving along in a timely fashion.

Fire Alarm design in Houston Texas

Design Process

With given information, we will look into codes in our library of references, and we will check the amendments and ordinances of the jurisdiction to assure the fire alarm design meets code. Information will be on the drawings. We will measure area with our coverage tools to ensure adequate coverage of both initiating and notification devices. We will draw circuit path from panel to devices and maintain an easy to trace path for future services and buildouts.

Calculations will be provided with the drawings. This includes battery calculations, voltage drops and Average Ambient sound pressure (when necessary) (as stated in NFPA 72 A.18.4.3)and verify that per NFPA 72 the design has sufficient audio coverage.

Drawing will then be double checked, device to device. Calculations will be verified at this time. Riser diagram then gets built, and this becomes the third check. We can save time and money by emailing you a pdf of your floor plans.

Fire Alarm Designer Table
Fire Alarm Drawings


We can handle specifications if needed. Send us the electronic security section of the bid specifications along with engineer drawings, and we can look through them to make sure the fire alarm system is laid out as the architect and engineer require, (so long as the plen is 100% to code) and we can give you the most correct plans you can submit.

With engineer drawings we can design in the spots the engineer has signified, then move and adjust when necessary to meet code.

Send the specification documents and we can read them thouroughly to confirm parts are correct or any other requirement noted isn't missed.

Fire Marshal Amendments

We have a pdf library of of AHJ amendments from Laredo to Lubbock. Their requirements will be included in the drawings. The jurisdiction will be noted on the plans also, which helps the techs when they are filling in their FML-009.

Some fire marshals wants small changes to IFC (usually the Group A and E buildings) and others have their own fire code, City of Houston and Dallas for example.

Whether the amendments just want smoke detectors in all hallways, or pull stations at every exit (regardless of sprinkler situation), or class-A SLC, we will find the changes.

Texas Fire Alarm Designer
Commercial Build-out

Build-outs and large new installs

If you have a small job call us, we can design the "add to existing" fire alarm and get the drawings back to you right away. If you have a large complex with multiple multi-story buildings, we design those too.

Sprinkler monitoring jobs - 2 monitor module, outdoor horn strobe, fire alarm control panel, a required pull station, a single smoke detector and 40 feet of cable- No problem, we design these too.

Buildout jobs - typically a group B and requires a small amount of notification devices and sometimes requires information about the existing devices. we can calculate the additions.

Large site new installations - If each building needs to be permitted separately, we can coordinate this life safety system. We've been doing this particular job for the same amount of time we've designed the small build-outs.

We are Available

Texas Fire design is moving forward and designing fire alarm systems for the entire state of Texas. Texas Fire Design has the crew to handle any number of fire alarm systems and produce in a timely fashion.Our fire alarm design service is for anyone within the state of Texas. We design for many fire alarm companies. We design fire alarm systems for architecture groups. TFD designs fire alarm systems for engineers and contractors that may just want something to bid from. We even design for building owners who just want something to compare to the plans they recieve.

Texas Fire Design, Fire Alarm Design company in Houston Texas. We design commercial fire alarm systems.

Fire alarm design company that has been planning systems in Texas since 2016. All of our APS holders have a minimum of 20 years experience in planning life safety systems around Texas for various different fire alarm companies.

We produce great layouts and plans

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Buildout Jobs

Small jobs

10 or less devices
  • budgetable
  • Profitable
  • Quick
  • Correct

New System

Full fire alarm system up to 75 Devices

To Specs, To Code
  • Detailed
  • Easy to read
  • Easy to see
  • Compliance check

Large systems

2000 devices?

No problem
  • Organized pages
  • Uniform Design
  • Required Calculations
  • APS Professional Stamp

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