What Texas Fire Design does

We offer fire alarm companies the chance to get their start and continue growing their business without having the overhead of a designer in office during company downtime.

Texas Fire Design, we are offering our years of fire alarm design skills to the public. Our team has created the most fail-proof series of reviews and checks within just our designers to assure the highest quality of fire alarm design to meet all life safety codes with any AHJ in the state of Texas. To assure that we provide you with a thorough and correct fire alarm design for your work be sure to give us a strong description of the work to be performed, list of fire alarm parts, identify the AHJ and -provide us with current drawings of the building layout. We will help you meet the codes required to qualify your inspections with the fire marshal. You will find our fire alarm design prices are very competitive. We're fast, we're accurate, and we are right here in Houston

Texas Fire Design

Designing life safety and access controls system for all of your alarm design needs.

Two major components

Your initiating device and your notification device. A smoke detector and a horn/strobe.

Control panel

Your fire alarm control could look like this. accompanied with a pull station a strobe and smoke detector.

End of line

Noting the resistor for the end of the line on your drawings. We always draw a tail showing that another device can be added.